Activision Read My Mind

This is going to be a quick one as it is really just an addendum to last night’s post.  Apparently Activision is already standing by to retaliate against EA’s newest edition of Medal of Honor.  According to Kotaku, the next Call of Duty (Modern Warfare) is slated to be “revealed” during this Sunday’s NFL draft.  WOAH!

Football draft + Call of Duty reveal = my head asplode!

Seriously, this is what I was referring to yesterday.  This is the most direct example of why competition is a good thing.  Medal of Honor is trying to make a run at being the next best-selling WWII FPS, and in turn, the current champion throws a curve ball.  From the sound of it, Activision is going to use their beautiful graphics and brilliant gameplay to design a fantastic modern FPS.  I don’t even know what to say. (Are you drooling yet, Jeff?)

Could this new Call of Duty beat out Medal of Honor Airborne AND surpass BLACK as the best modern warfare FPS??  I think they have a good shot.  More to come on this after the draft!

I apologize for alienating some of you non-video-game fans, but this stuff is just too cool!

~ by eastcoastboy on April 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Activision Read My Mind”

  1. I dought it will beat out medal of honor. The new one is going to be exeedingly good.

  2. I still like Medal of Honor better than Call of Duty. The environment of Medal of Honor, character and weapon handling, and AI are exceptional.

  3. Medal of Honor is /fail

    I dont like it anymore -_-

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