Super Paper Mario, Super Indeed!

Finally shrugging off the nasty withdrawal symptoms that God of War II left me with, I decided to sink my teeth into a new title…see where it leads. I originally had pre-ordered Prince of Persia (Wii), but after some friendly advice, I decided to let that go and picked up Super Paper Mario.

Quick background — Paper Mario was a title originally created for the Gamecube (last console prior to the Wii) as an RPG (role playing game) creation utilizing the beloved characters of Super Mario Brothers. An interesting concept enjoyd by a plethora of gamers.  Now back to the show. The developers at Intelligent Systems, a division of Nintendo, decided to concoct a delicious elixir…with a dash of Paper Mario and a pinch of Super Mario Brothers.  What they ended up with after a quick spin in the game generator was Super Paper Mario…a game where the old school Super Mario Brothers fun meets Paper Mario’s RPG characteristics half-way.

Some interesting tidbits about the game:

– It maintained (generally) the look of Paper Mario (featured above), while providing a decent amount of quality artwork to remind us of why we love these italian plumbers so much.

– Side-scroll lovers unite! Super Paper Mario features the traditional 2-D gameplay, but with a twist. Only minutes into the game, Mario inherits a power to allow him to switch between the usual 2-D world and the 3-D world. In this 3-D world (which is accessed by a simply click of the A button), hidden items, passage-ways, doors, characters and other goodies are tucked away. It also allows you to easily evade enemies (such as those block things with a mean faces) and find alternate routes around impassable obstacles. As they advise you in the game, “When in doubt, flip.” This is a brilliant and fun addition to the game. Check it out!

– Instead of having to plug in one of the “classic controllers” sold separately, Super Paper Mario employs the sideways use of wiimote (demonstrated by that classy fella pictured below…nice hair, Hansel). It feels awkward at first, but you then realize that Nintendo simply discovered a way for gamers to use the wiimote in a traditional Nintendo controller way.

– Can a brotha have an item inventory please?? In typical RPG fashion, Super Paper Mario presents gamers with the ability to collect and use items. There is a limit to how much can be held in the inventory, but it’s a useful addition. Unfortunately, it does eliminate the old favorites, such as the fireball flower (which now comes in a one time only “spell”) and mushrooms (which now comes in a “shroom shake” and adds hit points). I’m willing to make the sacrifice, though.

Anyway, the gameplay is unique…plain and simple. It’s a great combination that I didn’t expect when I picked it up. I’ll keep at it and provide a summary once I complete it…but consider this my “first impressions”…and consider me impressed.

Check out this GameTrailers video and see some of the 2-D/3-D effects used in Super Paper Mario…it’s NIIICE!

Fare thee well…

~ by eastcoastboy on April 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Super Paper Mario, Super Indeed!”

  1. Honestly, the game looks like a lot of fun… but whats with the mathematics jibber jabber? Does that come into play?

  2. Not yet, thank God. Otherwise I’d have returned it. 🙂

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