Not Wright for the Giants!

My friends over at MVN (G101) are providing, as usual, their quality New York Giants news and updates.   A few days ago as well as today, they are reporting about the G-men’s front office still in search of a back-up QB.

At first I was under the impression that they were seeking a veteran QB that could help mentor Eli Manning (who has struggled as of recently) and help foster his growth as he leads big blue onto the field for his 4th year.  This doesn’t mean we need to sign a stud QB…simply one who knows the game well and can step in “if needed.”

(Yes, it does actually pain me to put an eagles picture on my blog)

My first thought when they embarked on this search was a no-brainer…Jeff Garcia.  This guy came on board in Philly last year and delivered.  He played in 8 games, starting 6.  During his 1-year tenure with the birds (again, in essentially 6 games), he threw for 1300 yards, 10 TDs and only 2 INTs.  Moreover, he held down an impressive passer rating of 95.8.  This guy obviously still has the talent to get the job done and can certainly teach a thing or two to the young grasshopper, Eli.  Too bad, he was signed by Tampa Bay.

Now we’re looking into some more interesting options (note: we never did look into Garcia, that was my own wish).  According to MVN, we checked out Jay Fiedler on or around April 5th.  Nothing was heard afterwards, so I assumed he had been dismissed and simply didn’t make the Jerry Reese 300-Point inspection.

Now we have reports that:

“According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the Giants are scheduled to meet with former Bengals and Ravens Quarterback, Anthony Wright.”

I actually liked Anthony Wright when he was on the Ravens.  I have a close friend who’s a Raven’s fan and I always said that I thought he was better than Boller (who wants to argue that???).  He’s elusive, has an arm and is quick on his feet…but he’s no primo starter.  I simply do not believe he’d be a worthwhile back-up to look at.  In two of his years with the Ravens, he threw for over 1,000 yards while only hitting 6 and 9 touchdown completions (in 2003 and 2005, respectively).  He’s not going to be able to offer Eli any real help from a “veteran” standpoint though.  That’s why I see this as a worthless acquisition.

So Wright is not what we need in NYC…and in my humble opinion, neither is Fiedler.  But I do agree we need some old-guard guidance for Eli…aside from the post-game calls to his brother in Indy.  🙂

I will say this though…as far as worthy back-up QBs go…I want to go on record saying that I am more than comfortable with Jared Lorenzen coming in to play if Eli gets hurt.  Big, accurate and fun to watch!  Long live the Pillsbury Throwboy!!


~ by eastcoastboy on April 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Not Wright for the Giants!”

  1. Great thoughts. Now on to the draft.

  2. Anthony is my cousin =D

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