September 9th, 2007: Judgement Day…

I know that many of you readers have desperately missed my New York Giants banter. In fact, I’ve had numerous requests both in the comments section, and directly to me, asking for more G-men talk. So here you have it.

Most people believe that after the Superbowl ends, that’s all there is to football until late August. Tsk tsk. You couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve always said that one of the best parts about anything that you love doing is the anticipation of it. Well that’s what this time is. Over a month ago, the anticipation for the upcoming 2007-2008 season began to brew among core Giants fans across the U.S. and the world (there seems to be a large fan base in London).

This all begins only weeks after the Superbowl and the Pro Bowl. (For the record, I boycotted this year’s Pro Bowl due to the invitation of Tony Romo who was “given” his spot on the NFC team for reason I still can not understand). The NFL combine, a gathering of all the potential college draftees, followed shortly thereafter.Then came Free Agency. Free Agency is a lot like playing fantasy football. You see all the big name players that are without contracts or are looking to be traded, and you hope that your team is smart enough to go after them. Now the Giants have always been known to grab at least one free agent that pleases the crowd (i.e., LaVar Arrington). However, this year they did not.

Our new General Manager Jerry Reese cleverly managed to acquire Running Back Reuben Droughns (from Cleveland) for a tired, old Wide Receiver. No draft picks were traded. A slow, but interesting starting move. Now with our eyebrows slightly raised, we watched as Reese brought in the big names: Al Wilson, Kevin Curtis, Takeo Spikes, Lance Briggs (kind of) and a few others. Any of these players would have caused significant excitement among Giants fans. Reese let each one go to different teams…sadly, many went to our division rivals. Eyebrows lowered.

Then Reese pulled another interesting move. He managed to sign, Kawika Mitchell, a 28-year-old Linebacker from the Kansas City Chiefs. He wasn’t a name known throughout the league. However, his stats speak for themselves as he averaged 104.5 tackles over the last two years. So Reese is building…quietly and under the radar. A tactic that the NYC media hates, but may come in handy this season. We also have to wait for the NFL Draft, coming in late April…this is sure to bring some more surprises.But more importantly…news was announced only a few days ago that the Giants will be facing off against the Dallas Cowgirlsboys for the Sunday Night opener on September 9th. We will be playing in Dallas and will certainly be facing a tough battle. The Giants are notorious for blowing their first games.

September 9th…a long time, yet only a day away. It will be Judgement Day for Reese, for the team and for the fans. Go blue!


~ by eastcoastboy on March 29, 2007.

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