St. Paddy’s Day Out West

March 17th has always been a big day for me…starting back when I was a little kid and would go with my Dad to his Hibernian club for their annual St. Paddy’s Day bash, it was always as much a holiday as any other.  The parades (a few of which I’ve marched in), the green garb and of course (in my later years)…the beer(s).

I’ve done it all…college parties, beer for breakfast (thanks again, college), Irish jigs (where’s my new Irish brother, CB?), green beer, guinness, car bombs, Wolfe Tones (Up the Ra), silly hats, shirts…you name it.  However, what do these things all have in common?  They all occurred on the east coast…all of them.

So for the first time in 25 years, I’ll be spending St. Paddy’s Day off the east coast and somewhere between Denver and Boulder.  I hope to be spending it hitting some bars with my fiancee, sister and brother-in-law…and maybe a few extra folks.  It’s still going to be strange though…not being near the traditionally not-quite-spring weather, trapsing around the local bars with a posse of like-minded (and with similar objectives) friends.  But I’m going to keep an open mind about it.

I am VERY much looking forward to this Saturday and the opportunity to have a different experience, in a different place with different people.  How different will it be?  No idea…but I have a feeling that Colorado folks now how to throw down Celtic style and have a good old time.

I’ll have a full report for you all on Sunday.

Fare thee well…

(Side note: God of War II is still goin and still rockin my gaming world.)

~ by eastcoastboy on March 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “St. Paddy’s Day Out West”

  1. Here we go again, we’re on the road again.
    We’re on the road again, we’re on the way to paradise.
    We love the jungle deep, that’s where the lion sleeps
    For then those evil eyes, they have no place in paradise
    Graffiti on the walls, just as the sun was going down
    I see graffiti on the walls – for the Celts! for the Celts!
    Graffiti on the walls says we’re magic, we’re magic,
    Graffiti on the wall………………………..

    It says oh ah up the ‘RA, say ooh ah up the ‘RA.

  2. Hey Sean! Sitting here with your Mom – came down for a ‘girls’ weekend (w/o spouses!!). When you are our age, that is a BIG deal! Anyway, congratulations on your engagement. Wonderful news! I have to admit I have never looked at a Blog before, so I’m glad that yours is the first one that I have gone into. Photos are great and you are a terrific writer. I hope that all is going well in Denver and environs and you are enjoying this time in your life. We are doing well here…I’m working for a biotech firm and really like it. Billy is doing taxes and playing golf whenever he can. Drew is in Savannah doing his industrial design thing. Be well! Love, Semi

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