Goin back…

So tomorrow morning at 11:45, my flight departs out of Denver to take me to Washington, DC.  This is part of my telecommuting agreement.  I travel back east to visit the company, see the new faces and reconnect with old ones for a few days.

It’s good to do this…it allows me the time to re-establish some of the relationships that may have started to fizzle a bit, or start new ones entirely.  It is interesting though.  When I was younger I used to see adults go on business trips and I always thought it looked so cool.   Now that I’m at the age where they’re starting, it’s not so cool.

Maybe I’m just sappy and happily in love with my fiancee, but I find that leaving can be tough when you’re so used to spending so much time with someone.  Usually I get really sad, but as soon as I land I immediately become excited about my trip.  So my next post will likely be about something fun I’m doing amidst my time back east.

However…there is one small problem.  As some of you may have heard or seen on the news, there is a winter storm sweeping its way across the country.  In fact, there was a blizzard watch in effect for most of Colorado from midnight last night, through 4pm today.  I woke up around 7:30am, saw a cloudy sky and braced for a most certainly canceled flight…not so much.  There wasn’t even a snowflake in sight. However, not true for a lot of the rest of the country.

The storm which is now starting to die since the southerly moisture flow is no longer feeding into the storm, is going to settle in to the northeast and drop some ice and snow.  Great…instead of dumping in Colorado like it usually does, I now face the possibility of long delays and rough weather.

Ugh.  Honestly folks, I just hope I either find out my flight’s been cancelled and I reschedule for Monday, or I hope I get there promptly.

How about this rambling?  Not bad for a blogger who’s eyes are opening and closing as the after-effects of Buenos Aires pizza start to set in.  Anyway, I need to go to bed and dream crazy dreams about Scorcese’s recent brilliance, The Departed.  Just saw it tonight and loved it.

Talk to you all soon when I’m on the east coast.  Fare thee well…

~ by eastcoastboy on February 25, 2007.

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