TOO Much Ado About Celebrities…

I never honestly thought I’d be doing a blog post about Britney Spears, but after her recent revolving door policy at a couple rehab centers and a subsequent donnybrook with some paparazzi.

 Don’t get me wrong, I do feel bad for this girl…to a degree.  At a very young, teenage age, Britney skyrocketed up the charts making herself a household name.  Love or hate her music, everyone knew some of her trademark ditties.  Spears began to rake in cash faster than Warren Buffet and seemed to be on the path to a pretty sweet life.

Now enter her knight in shining armor…the man who we all knew, just by looking at him, would certainly complete her life.  Right.  So that happened…she had a baby, married some random high school friend somewhere in between all this, had another baby, became friends with Paris Hilton, went into rehab, left rehab, shaved her head, went back into rehab, freaked out about losing her kids, tried to attack the paparazzi and finally is allegedly heading back to rehab where she’ll hopefully get her life back together.

I’m not telling you all that to show that I sadly do catch a lot of pop culture garbage…I recited all that to show how disturbing it is that I’m exposed to that crap enough to be able to share it with you all.  I don’t know about any of you but I’m just tired of this stuff.  I don’t care about Britney (incidentally, I think her music sucks), Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton (one of the only females I can actually call an asshole), Nicole Ritchie or (the new drama queen) Cameron Diaz.  In the same vein, if I hear about K-Fed, Justin Timberlake or any other female making waves in US Weekly.

These people and their ridiculous, petty dramas are not what we normal people need or should be reading or watching.  Why not hear a bit more about Angelina Jolie’s international work, or Bono’s AIDS/Poverty work or hell, I’d even be happier to read Clooney and Pitts’ most recent on-set pranks (those guys are pretty funny actually).

This post won’t be much longer.  If I made it long, I’d only be perpetuating what I’m really starting to hate.  It’s time to let these boring stories about these boring and tired celebrities go…let’s focus on some stories of substance…some celebrity issues that are actually worthwhile.

Goodbye Britney et al.  Your time in my life is over…I don’t care about your life, problems or issues.  I do hope for your life to improve, but beyond that…farewell.

Sorry, fellow readers, if this comes off as callous or rude…but I’ve just had enough.  In fact, here it is!  Let’s start a petition to employ Terry Tate to lay out any obnoxious public figure who starts to be a bit too much.  Who’s with me??

 WOOOO!!!!!  Now that would be awesome…

Fare thee well…


~ by eastcoastboy on February 22, 2007.

One Response to “TOO Much Ado About Celebrities…”

  1. don’t lie. i’ve seen you throw fireballs at turtles.

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