A Cold Day for Global Warming

Another interesting fact about yours truly is that I constantly seek out information refuting the now very popular claims of imminent Global Warming. It appears, at least according to the IPCC and Al Gore, that the ice caps are melting, the world is soon to be drowned and we’ll all soon be living like Kevin Costner in Waterworld (“…I saw that movie 7 times…it RULED!”). The brief plot summary of this movie goes something like this:

“The polar ice caps have melted, and the earth is covered by water. The remaining people travel the seas, in search of survival. ”

That’s the important part anyway. So people are left floating around looking for “dry land” while they barter and sell dirt, paper and anything reminiscent of pre-ice-cap-melting days.


Is this true? Is Al Gore correct? Are the nay-sayers correct? I honestly don’t know. But what I do know is that Colorado is experiencing one of the fiercest winter’s its endured in decades and there seems to be no shortage of FREEZING temperatures around the country. I also know that the mass media, scores of policians and even Hollywood have been shoving nothing but “The End Is Nigh” signs in our faces for the last 5 years or so.

I’m not here to say who’s right…all I wish to do is cite some evidence that contradicts these beliefs because seriously, after this winter, I’m starting to have some doubts (but no declarations…yet).

Do keep in mind that it’s fairly late in the evening on a Tuesday night and I’m not writing a research paper here, so the evidence listed below is compilation of quick results I dug up:

  1. Start With the Basics – I figure it’s always good to see what the Wiki has to say on the matter. As a matter of fact, this page has a list of scientists who refute the evidence “opposing global warming consensus.” It also provides lists of scholars who believe “the earth is warming but mostly due to natural processes,” “global warming is good for human society,” and even “the earth is not warming significantly.” It’s worth a look.
  2. Look Into Some Arguments – Well now that we know there are some who oppose the idea of the greenhouse effect melting away our planet, let’s take a look at some of the facts presented by the “other side.”
  3. False Reports by the UN? – It’s clear to me that the legitimacy of this story is certainly up for debate, but the fact is that there are reports that the UN doctored findings related to global warming. However, I am aware that only 11 days ago, the UN published another report claiming, “changes in the atmosphere, the oceans and glaciers and ice caps now show unequivocally that the world is warming due to human activities.” (As I said, I’m only trying to show the other side.)
  4. The Irony Emerges – Sometimes you just have to point out situations that happen and just make you chuckle. Is this pure coincidence, or is it fate’s way of subtly telling us that we may not know as much as we think we know. For instance, tomorrow’s Congressional Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality meeting on global warming has been postponed due to a snow storm plowing (no pun intended) through the northeast. Not enough irony for you? Well how about this? The Drudge Report, reports that Maryville University’s airing of An Inconvenient Truth has been postponed due to a snowstorm sweeping across St. Louis. How convenient.
  5. Counter Arguments Emerge More Publicly – It appears that skeptics of the traditional global warming theories have long been hiding largely due to fear of ridicule. Who’s to blame them? You certainly don’t want to be arguing that the earth is doing just fine, then find out 10-15 years later that we’re doomed, right? Well, now more people seem to be stepping up. Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic said only days ago that: “Global warming is a false myth and every serious person and scientist says so. It is not fair to refer to the U.N. panel. IPCC is not a scientific institution: it’s a political body, a sort of non-government organization of green flavor. It’s neither a forum of neutral scientists nor a balanced group of scientists. These people are politicized scientists who arrive there with a one-sided opinion and a one-sided assignment.”

    Who is this so-called president and who does he think he is saying this kind of stuff? Well it appears a few people seem to agree with him, such as Newsbusters, Canada Free Press (a contributor) and even the far more blatant and clear Telegraph.

But who knows? I do honestly believe that it is a good thing that global warming is being removed from the “back burner” and brought back to the forefront of the mind’s of mankind. The more we examine, the more we’ll know. My only hope is that this is as serious as it is being made out to be and that it is not simply being used for political gain by any one person or party.

All I know is that it’s cold in Denver. In fact, as I conclude today’s dribbling diatribe of discombobulated discertations and declarations, it is 11 degrees in the mile-high city. It’s been snowing all day, dropping another few inches on top of the dozens and dozens of inches we’ve received already. So if global warming is slamming our good planet, than yours truly is simply just not feeling it. Once again, time will tell I assume.Fare thee well…

~ by eastcoastboy on February 13, 2007.

6 Responses to “A Cold Day for Global Warming”

  1. It’s good to keep an open mind.

    Global warming refers to the overall global increase in temperature over time. That time scale is on the order of decades, at least.

    Weather, though, is highly variable both in time and location. A cold week in one city has little impact on the global warming trend. Indeed, we might experience a cold year, world-wide, even as the larger pattern shows temperature increases. Furthermore, some parts of the world may actually get colder.

    Conversely, every warm spell is not due to global warming, either. The temperature change is on the order of fractions of a degree per year, so if you have to turn your air conditioning on next week that’s probably not due to global warming either. That’s why the anecdotal experience of a single person in one part of the world is unreliable.

    I think it would be hard to make a case for this to be some sort of political ploy. There’s pretty broad acceptance of global warming worldwide, especially in Europe, and even President Bush has stated that global warming is man-made and a worrisome problem. There seems to be broad political agreement, both within the U.S. government and among governments worldwide.

    I find it rather ironic that the Czech president, a political figure, is complaining that the UN scientific body is not scientific enough and that he knows more about the issue than they do.

  2. I don’t think he claimed to know more han they do as much as he claimed there seems to be a great deal of shenanigans behind it. And yes, I acknowledge that these increases are slight and over long periods of time (anyone who has seen An Inconvenient Truth knows all about those incremental charts).

    I just wonder if there’s more to it, that’s all.

  3. 1. There are always skeptics and the wiki lists a few with clever quotes. But if you want to get under the hood of supporters and skeptics try a source like http://www.pubmed.gov. You’ll find plenty of good research and reading there.

    2. Who is Philip Atkinson? http://www.ourcivilisation.com/author.htm

    3. Okay.

    4. This is rather ironic, but thats about it.

    5. I don’t understand why one would listen to the President of the Czech Republic after he says it is a political game, and then show him being supported by popular news sources? And why would there be a grip on dissenters views when only months ago the US was of the stance that Global Warming was a myth? Yet now they make a 180?

    Talking about Global Warming and Climate Change always gets me a little riled-up simply because the debate was and is not scientific. The media, politicians, non-profits, all started doing dirty things to get their side across and in the end it has made the issue insanely complex for anyone to understand (btw – this was one of Al Gore’s points. He argued that scientific sources seem to support the idea that global warming may be occurring while popular media and political outlets wanted to muddle the playing field by putting out alternative and non-sensical arguments. It might have worked). The issue is complex enough to start with on scientific grounds and requires long term research and open-minds that don’t jump to a conclusion based on one study.

    I have not personally attempted to sift through the mounds of BS to get to the consensus of the truth, but as you can see internationally, even UN panels, and government bodies are having a tough time getting to the truth because of a lack of understanding about science and difficulties as a result of people who are falsifying information (like President Bush was).

    So I would implore you that if you are concerned about this issue to do some serious research from sources that are less biased and influenced. Sources such as pubmed and other scientific journals is a good start. Because what it seems may be happening here, and all too frequently across mass media is that arguments are being constructed from poor sources and with little more than a popularity contest as the motivating factor.

  4. Jeff I think you are not sure what side you are taking yet and it confuses me when you try to make points based on that. You’re mad, you get riled up, but take no side. So let me try to make heads or tails out of some of your responses.

    Per your post, I’m not really sure if you were disagreeing with me or not…but my response as I understand your post is: I really am not taking a side.

    Per your references to more “reputable” sources, I did claim (for good reason) that this research was done quickly and very late at night. These sources were merely cited as a means to translate the “royal” counter arguments.

    Per your statements about Bush falsifying research, what say you about the UN’s doctoring of data? You claim, “but as you can see internationally, even UN panels, and government bodies are having a tough time getting to the truth because of a lack of understanding about science and difficulties as a result of people who are falsifying information (like President Bush was).”

    Shouldn’t these “panels” and “bodies” be the ones at the root of discovering the truth?

    Per your glorification of Al Gore…I liked the movie (sorta, I at least respect it)…but it was beyond hypocritical for him to make a movie about global warming with all the “let’s love the planet selflessly as I (Gore) do”, while about 20 mins into the movie, he says, “My name is Al Gore and I used to be the next president of the United States.” 2000 election results and supreme court rulings aside, that’s a load of horseshit if I’ve ever heard it. You may choose to follow him and raise him up high, but I took that movie with as much validity as I do anything else pertaining to global warming. he manipulated an international soft spot in an effort to bring attention to himself, and that is shameful. A good message, yes, but done in a very tasteless way.

    I’m concerned about this issue as much as I am poverty in america and AIDS in Africa, so it will remain an interest of occassional research.


    (other than Al Gore’s a manipulative bastard who utilized the medium of a sensitive subject to garner adoration)

    Fare thee well.

  5. The Czech president said far more than that; he also stated that global warming is a myth and suggested that he was more qualified than an international scientific panel to make this assessment.

    The Telegraph article suggest that increased solar radiance could play a role in global warming; the research certainly does not suggest that that is solely responsible or that even played a major role. In fact, it leans towards it having a minor role, at best.

  6. Darmok needs to cite his frivolous claims.

    Eastcoastboy, way to rile up the crowd! speedy and polite rebuttal, your a gentleman and a scholar!

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