Like Riding a Bike?

Well any of my good friends (or even mild acquaintences) can tell you that yours truly enjoys hitting the town for a night of cocktails and good company. Back east I happily frequented many places, especially within Washington, DC. Specifically, I learned just about every stop there was in Georgetown and Arlington (at least in Courthouse), while also spending a good deal of time in Adam’s Morgan, Chinatown and even College Park.

I was in my early 20’s and LOVED painting the town red with my friends. Cmon…I dare any of you to speak up and say you didn’t.

I miss some of those old stomping grounds, especially RFD, The 4 Courts and even good ole’ Conti. There was nothing like meeting up at that bar you know so well, with some great friends and drinking your trademark brew (whatever it may be…Smithwicks anyone?).

When I come back to DC, I do still enjoy a good trip out to these old, familiar gin joints…but it does feel different since I’m not a permanent resident there anymore. So what’s the best thing to do? MAKE SOME NEW FAVORITE SPOTS! Right?

Not so sure…

My fiancee and I went out this past Saturday in Boulder. We met up with a friend of Lauren’s for dinner and then later rendevouzed with my sister and brother-in-law as well as a few friends of the woman we had dinner with. We hit up the first bar, this place called “The Kitchen.” I’ll be honest, this place wasn’t bad. In fact it kind of reminded me of a DC drinking hole, specifically due to its ambiance, high prices and waiting time to simply sit down. But it was clean, nice and not terribly loud. For you DCers, it was kind of like a mix between Mei & Yu and Guarapo.

We stayed there for a bit and enjoyed some drinks. My sister and brother-in-law resigned for the evening (pffp…old people) and the youngins decided to forge ahead. Not knowing the town at all, I placed myself at the mercy of our new friends. Now nice and warm from a few beers and a couple glasses of wine, we traversed the Pearl St. Mall until we came to another bar.

I didn’t need to go inside this bar. I could smell the dingy, dank aroma of stale beer and body odor…I could hear the overly obnoxious rock music, distorted beyond belief as the speakers had blown out years ago…I could see the stairs lead DOWNSTAIRS into the dark and hazy den. This my friends was a little place called, The Sundown Saloon.

Lauren asked me what my thoughts were only moments after we entered the bar and the only thing I could think to say was, “well, I feel like I’m visiting a friend at another college.” I’d seen these bars before, but it wasn’t my friendly neighborhood craphole…it was a foreign one. My friends and I weren’t slamming cold pints of cheap suds while singing the national anthem, they were. I wasn’t choosing the music on the juke, they were. I wasn’t slipping my way up to the front of the bar because I knew the bartenders, they were. This was just not a place friendly to the eastcoastboy.

Where am I going with this particular rambling? I’m not sure to be honest. I guess I expected to duck into a new bar and feel right at home…I figured it’d be just like riding a bike. Unfortunately it was quite far from that. Perhaps I’m an east coast snob when it comes to where I like to tie one on, or perhaps I’m just getting to a point where attending the local underbelly of the town is simply not my bag anymore.

In any case…it was nice to meet new friends and try a few new places. I had a fun time with my fiancee and I’m glad we did it. But I wasn’t with my drinking buddies (JL, CB, AF, BM, JM, JD, TD, MvH, PD, MW, NI, JRT, JE, etc.), I wasn’t comfortable and I couldn’t stop thinking that I was just “visiting.” Dissect this any way you please. For now I’ll simply say that as far as hitting the town, the east coast still has the belt in my opinion. I miss ya.

Will this change? Time will tell. And don’t worry, CO…I’ll still give you plenty of opportunity…

Fare thee well…


~ by eastcoastboy on February 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Like Riding a Bike?”

  1. What about the Denver bars we went to? Those places were pretty awesome. Selection and chill. Vesuvias!


  3. Kelly’s Irish Times…I think I still have the T-shirt you bought me.

  4. Hey man, Just for the record…the SCUMdowner is NEVER my first choice. (Did you hear me oppose? I likely did.) Come up again and I’ll take you to the finer watering holes in town 🙂

  5. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

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