Denver Drivers…look out, New Yorkers!

While the people in Denver are typically kinder (in person) than the average joe walking the streets of NYC or DC, I’ve noticed something rather strange.  Despite their face-to-face attitudes, Denver drivers are BY FAR the worst drivers I have ever had to deal with.

I’ve had to deal with some bad drivers:  DC Beltway, NJ Turnpike, I-95, NYC, etc.  But nothing compares to the horrid display of driving I see out here.  Is it the altitude?  Is it the snow?  I have NO idea.  All I can tell you is that in the time I’ve been out here, I’ve heard about THREE separate accidents where pedestrians have been hit…2 out of the 3 were fatal.  Moreover, I’ve been nearly run off the road twice, my fiance saw a woman carelessly drive right into a man crossing the street (he was ok) and I’ve seen some of the most unsafe differentials in speed on the highways (one person going 45mph and others going 80mph).Am I making this all up?  Is this just my frustration finding something to latch onto and complain about?  The links below provide published stories, editorials and letters to the editor about this exact problem.  You will see for yourself that Denver drivers are truly some of the worst in America:

1)  Angry Motorist Given Life Term – this guy was purposely killing people (literally) on the road by driving in front of them and slamming on the brakes!

2)  Slippery Roads Pileup the Accidents in Denver – you’d think living in Denver that people might start to understand the dangers of hazardous roadways…or maybe not.

3)  ‘Make My Day Better’ Expands Gun Law to Cars, Businesses – so now we get these same drivers, but they are able to carry loaded guns!? (please see article #1 again)

4)  Cell-Phone-Driver Bill Fails – please note the last quote in this article:  “I have a friend who actually carries a dead bee in the car – true story – figuring if he ever gets pulled over for speeding or driving erratically, he can just say he was trying to kill the bee,” he said.

5)  Have Patience With Drivers, Pedestrians – this letter is straight from the mouth of a resident who is sick of drivers getting impatient, especially with pedestrians.

Honestly, I really hope to see some improvements here.  Otherwise, yours truly may have to call in some recruits from the east coast to help shape things up around here.  And nobody wants a pack of NJ drivers racin’ around their area.


~ by eastcoastboy on January 31, 2007.

16 Responses to “Denver Drivers…look out, New Yorkers!”

  1. Hallelujuah! I couldn’t have said it better myself. And to think…I LEARNED how to drive in this city at the unassuming age of 16.

    Seeing firsthand an innocent pedestrian being hit head on by an SUV in downtown Denver was the last straw for me. Something must be done.

  2. Oh dear, it there nowhere clean and fresh and free of bad drivers? If not the west, then where? I always thought the worst drivers were on the east coast. Maybe I never noticed in my 16 trips to Colorado! Ignorance is bliss! I’ll have to get defensive next time out.

  3. Very nice site! I wish I could write as well as you do… Jenny R.

  4. I’m from Boston, and I’m here for a temp computer project. I’m fortunate enough to live wherever I want in the Country.
    I can tell you from Living in Boston and commuting in the big dig every day that the east coast drivers are nowhere near as bad drive as they are here in Colorado!
    I just did a google search to see what other people think just to see if it was just me thank god for your web site.
    I think Coloradans drive similar to Wisconsinites and Minnesota’s maybe it’s the aggressive uneducated European in decent influence? Maybe it’s the uneducated cowboy type but I know its lack of education either way they drive reckless here. Don’t they know a automobile is a death machine!! The Atlantic and southeastern states like Florida and Atlanta are just stupid from the heat but at least they don’t tail gate you like they do here.
    The best drivers in the country are in Oregon and Washington State. I found them to be the most polite and educated in my drive across this entire county.
    I just don’t get it why they drive like jerks here I’m’ sure a lot of them are educated. Its true that face to face they are the friendly’s people around more than anywhere in the country I think.
    I wish the state police would start pulling more people over for speeding and most of all tail gating!!! I’ve seen 3 accidents already here they just don’t pay attention. It seems they don’t look ahead if you see a red light I slow down not step on the gas going up to it. I see them all the time fly up or go though yellow lights or last second and slam on the breaks. I see it all the time. I’m trying to drive and be an example. I guess that’s the only way these people will learn is if they have a much bigger police presence. I really feel for the police here they have there hands full. How are they teaching the kids here in high school that’s what might be the underlying root?
    Come on Colorado start respecting your fellow driver were all trying to get somewhere don’t be a rude jerk. God is watching you.

  5. […] Photo source: Exit East Coast […]

  6. I agree. After driving in several different states, and through many major cities, I find myself needing a serious chill pill with Denver drivers! I cannot believe the stupidity that ensues from just a standard drive, whether or not it’s the interstate. And there are far too many dangerous drivers by going too slow in these highly formidable traffic zones as well. People really need to catch up or turn in their keys for a red wagon, seriously!

  7. Ohio drivers are pretty polite they let you over

  8. Denver drivers are some of the most laid back and couteous drivers around the U.S. I’ve been to almost 40 states and lived in 5 of them and let me tell you Yankee state Northeast USA very aggressive and speeding say goodnight 20-25+ over speed limit on freeways. Denver driver going 45 MPH on freeway is beacuase they have courtesy to let driver merge onto freeway, something easterners don’t understand, it’s called manners easterners barely understand this also. NYC metro probably worst drivers perios, south Florida is pretty bad also. Denver pretty good, Northwest USA there also pretty tame drivers, Boston area gotta go up to North Mass or Southern N.H. then fairly tame. Gotta run have fun!!!!

  9. Somewhere to vent…Denver drivers blow! Haven’t they heard of a fast lane, middle, and slow lane? I grew up driving East Coast, Philly, DC, NJ with average highway speed being 75mph. I feel major road rage when there are cars going 60 mph in the fast lane. Get out of the way! No sense of urgency. Is it people off the farm who don’t know how highways work? Wyatt above states something about going 45 on a highway? That’s dangerous!

  10. Hey Philly transplant the reason why the Denverite is only going 45 mph is anticipation of letting the driver merge onto the freeway, most freeways have multiple lanes more than (2) except the 225 (C-470) , the driver should enter the freeway at the posted speed limit, but if you hit the car from behind it’s 99.9% your fault not the car slowing to be courteous to allow the merging car to safely and successfully get onto the freeway. Easterners need to chill out a little, I understand my friends in CT have a cold exterior shell, but warm interior shell is this common courtesy to have to go 100mph+ all the time, relax and enjoy the day peeps.

    • Wyatt you’re a complete, ignorant moron ! Drivers in and around Denver DO NOT drive laid back. 90% don’t use turn signals, 90% cut you off, others FLY past you then get in front of you and slow down below the speed limit. Not to mention the idiots that ride your ass. and you’re 110% wrong when you say Denverites drive slow to allow people in ? Are you on crack ? Its the total opposite. They purposely speed up and don’t allow any one in. In fact people don’t know what YEILD means. Arapahoe Rd in Centennial is 55mph but yet 80% of the idiots on it do 45mph in all lanes. Now Im not saying its the natives of Colorado…Im saying its the idiots that moved here from california that have ruined this state with their “EGOS” and crime. Texas is another moronic state with idiot drivers. Wyatt , you either don’t drive or drive at 3am… get a clue. I had a New Yorker front he city, tell me these make NYC drivers look like alter boys ! Just remember its only gonna get worse with a stupid state like this to allow “medicinal Mari J “

      • Who flippin’ cares really if one is going say 45-50, instead of 55, what is this communism, you must abide by the rules unless you want to get thrown in jail or something stupid. Time for people to get back to nunya as in nunya business, you have a fulltime job managing yourself, now people want to manage everybody else, get a clue, otherwise by definition you are clueless. Oh I get it your time is important than anyone else’s, hmmm I don’t see that sign on Arap. road or any freeway, I’m pretty sure I don’t see that sign anywhere, x,y,and z “own” this road, have a little dignity when driving. Drivers in NYC metro or Miami metro are friendlier and less aggressive than Denver metro drivers? Only a twit thinks that. Your paradigm’s are okay, but you need tutelage on chillaxing and being amicable and a steward to all.

      • 1 New York City person says their drivers are alter boys to Den. drivers, yup it’s a fact now, dude let’s get a consensus oh there is it’s called Autovantage, even Travel/Leusire has articles,the Autochannel I’ll stop there, but guess what shocker really, NYC, Miami, D.C. are never in the courteous section and always in the top 5 rude, aggressive, section anybody see a trend???? I like to deal with the facts, not opinions because opinions can be skewed. side note “the city” what city it’s Boise city, Denver city, St. Louis city, no we’re all suppose to “bow” down and know it’s New York city the sheer arrogance is nauseating. If you hate Denver so much, you always have a choice, yup this is still a free country (mostly) and move to your paradise.

  11. I have lived here for 14 years. I moved here from Atlanta. I have seen the drivers become progressively more aggressive and rude over the last 5 years. Maybe it is the growth in the city or the road construction. People will run over you. Many drivers ignore your turn signal and refuse to let you in or over. They ride your tail and yes in the slow lane. They expect you to drive at least 7 miles above the speed limit, even through construction. They cut you off. Being a trauma nurse, this is exactly the type of activity that will get you killed. BE RESPECTFUL FOLKS, DRIVE WITHIN REASON OF THE SPEED LIMIT. USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS AND FOLLOW OTHERS USE OF THEIR TURN SIGNALS. PUT SOME DISTANCE BETWEEN YOU AND THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU. IT COULD BE YOUR LIFE.

  12. I don’t know about NYC drivers personally, I do know CA drivers (born in SAC), SD, SF, LA, SAC, Lake Tahoe, I-80 (to Reno and all the way to IL), I-5 (all the way to WA), HWY-50 (from SAC to CO). While in the navy I’ve lived in IL, VA, WA, HI, TN, and NV. I’ve driven driven all the western states except AZ and NM, most mid-west states MN, WI, IL, NE, IA, OH, IN, KY, TN, and many mid-atlantic states VA, WV, PA, NJ, MD, NC, and DC. The Tidewater area (Norfolk, VA area) is about the same pop. as Denver. I have a pretty good cross section of the driving habits of America. The drivers in N. CA have gotten a lot worse since I left in ’90 but are not as bad as Denver. Very frustrating around here, I’d rather drive in SF.

    The worst pile-up I saw was in Oakland(across the bay from SF) of 6 cars…that is until a couple of years ago… on I-25 between Alameda and 6th Ave. exit I counted “8” cars piled-up. Tailgating on snowy/icy roads, and all the other rude driving previous posters shared makes me so angry. At times I leave home in a good mood and arrive at work ready to bite somebody’s head off or vise versa.

    IOn the merging issue around here, I drive an 18,000 pound Ford F-550 bucket truck for work and one morning a driver in a Porsche Boxter changed his mind to let me in and close the gap while I had been signaling for a while. I watched the shadow from a hand rail on my truck move up his fender and make it halfway to his windshield before he realized the lanes were closing in and he would scrape his shiny porsche against the concrete wall before his backed off.

    Now that I have complained for awhile I have a solution to the traffic woes of Denver. Maintain a 2-3 second distance from the car infront at all times or if it is easier to visualize, allow space to fit a semi-truck to merge without having to brake. All lanes do technically have the same speed limit, but, lanes to the left are for through/faster traffic so if you are not passing stay right. That is it, simple.

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