Summer in NYC, Tundra in Denver

While it was 24 degrees and flurrying in Denver, I heard a rumor that it was a cozy 70 degrees in New York City today! I couldn’t believe my ears. I look out my window and see snow still clinging to everything, icicles dangling from just about anything and drifts continuing to build…then read the news about an avalanche that swept cars off the road on a pass in the Rocky Mountains. Wait…wait…New York City is at 70 DEGREES?!?!?

I recently drove up the Berthoud Pass with my sister, brother-in-law and girlfriend to snowshoe and cut down our own Christmas tree. I remembered the road being windy with sharp drops to the sides, so it was scary to think about these poor people who were leisurely driving along, only to be smothered (and some completely thrown off the road) by a 100ft. wide avalanche (pictured below). I’ll hope and pray for their safety.

However, 70 DEGREES IN NEW YORK CITY??? This must be that crazy Global Warming thing that I keep hearing about. Al Gore must be running through the streets of Manhattan screaming that “the end is nigh…SAVE YASELVES!!!” But…maybe not. According to some data featured by the Drudge Report, this is not the first time that NYC has seen record temps in January. Drudge reports:

"FLASHBACK: NYC had record high of 68F on Jan 13, 1932. 70F on Jan 14, 1932 and 67F on Jan 15, 1932...

So is this Global Warming, or simply a fluke weather system bringing in some irregular, but more than welcome warm temperatures to the Big Apple? I, for one, am not a huge supporter of the Global Warming theory. I believe there are steps mankind can take to better protect our planet, but I also have faith that the Earth has the capability to regulate itself. So enjoy your warmth, NYC. Enjoy your summer in January while all of us Colorado inhabitants continue to skid along the back roads and bundle up to walk out and get our mail.

While you lucky east coasters get to sit in Central Park in your bathing suits in January, remember that we get to look at this everyday.

Talk to you all soon.


~ by eastcoastboy on January 6, 2007.

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