Never Dare Mother Nature

When I made my trek out to Colorado, the one wish I had was that Denver get pummeled with snow. I believe I even dared Mother Nature to bring her fury to my front doorstep. After 25 years on the east coast, I could probably count on my hands the number of “serious” snow storms I’d lived through. However, upon my arrival, I was met with laughter and anecdotes from my sister, brother-in-law and other friends who told me that it really didn’t snow that much in Colorado (sans the mountains). They said it almost the same way Pee-Wee was told, “there’s no basement in the Alamo!”

I had a similar look on my face that sad day.

But let’s take a quick trip down memory lane:

One of the most notable was the “storm of the century” (I think that’s the one, sorry it’s so morbid) that hit in 1992 (give or take a year) when NJ was slammed with 1.5 ft topped with a crispy layer of slick ice. I remember walking 2-3 miles in the snow with my Dad to go to WaWa for milk and some snacks. The other storm I remember was in 2003.

I was in college in North Carolina and the state was hit with a few inches of snow (5 maybe), and then just as much ice. I’d never witnessed a true “ice storm” before, but holy hell does that storm bring the pain. My buddies and I huddled in one house (the only house with a fireplace) and drank beers and laughed about the storm. We weren’t laughing so loudly when the music shut down, the TV went out and yes…the furnace died. A transformer had blown down the road and we were without electricity. We built a fire…and after about 2 lawn chairs, a table and several store-bought bundles of wood has been burned for heat…the power restored…it had been 3 days.

Enter Denver, exit east coast.

Within about a month and a half we have our first “blizzard.” Two weeks later, our first “storm.” Then Christmas time came and we were hit with the “great holiday storm.” You all heard about this on the news, so I’ll just post a picture. Mother Nature was getting my attention.

About a week later, Mother Nature came back with a left hook and caught Denver right in the jaw…a true sucker punch. Before the snow could even fathom the thought of thawing, another storm came through. Not as big, but enough to last for 2 days and dump around 10 inches…more in the foothills and mountains.

You could almost hear the citizens, roads, grass and wild animals uniformly singing in harmony, “Here Comes the Sun” following the sucker-punch storm. It was slightly warmer, the snow even began to melt. All was coming back together.

And then today came…January 5, 2007. Mother Nature was not ready to let me walk away yet. The wet road turned to ice, snow blowing at winds of 25mph returned to its usual place, blanketing everything in sight. Back to square one.

Even the animals used to the natural terrain gave us the look of, “are you freaking kidding me??”


So here we are, well over 30 (maybe even 40) inches of snow later. Mother Nature called my bluff. In fact, my arrival in Denver and subsequent call to arms on Mother Nature is becoming lure around here. The kid who left the east coast in search of snow land is now being called “The Snow God” by some.

In any event, despite the fact that the novelty is wearing off, I still get to sit in my warm loft and be with the one I love. Where would I be without you?

Current record: Mother Nature – 5, East Coast Boy – 0


~ by eastcoastboy on January 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Never Dare Mother Nature”

  1. I succinctly remember being one of the only chosen few who told you it actually DID snow in Colorado…damn, I’m good. Maybe it’s because I’m practically a NATIVE (ahem, Jeremy)…or maybe East Coast Boy’s uncanny connection with the weather is rubbing off on me.

    Mike Nelson, eat your heart out. There’s another anchorman in town and his name’s NOT Ron Burgandy…

  2. It wasn’t really two or three miles to WaWa. It just seemed that far. I remember the deserted roads and Molly wanting to go back home.

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