So it begins…

An appropriate day to start a blog, in my opinion.  Additionally appropriate is the name of this blog, especially on this day.  This blog will not be fancy, it will not feature genius insight into anything special…instead it will focus simply on the thoughts of a 20-something male who was born and raised on the east coast and finally made a major change by moving out west to Denver, CO.

Let me go back for a second.  Today is an appropriate day to start this blog because as I type, my best friends are gathering in Laurel, MD to celebrate NYE.  This gathering is a tradition started nearly 10+ years ago when we’d huddle in one of our parents’ basements, sneak in a couple cases of beer and have at it like the wild, trouble-making high school kids that we were.

Today following my exit from the east coast, I take my leave from this tradition.  For this first time in so many years, my NYE will consist of casually drinking wine, a wonderful dinner with the love of my life and then some champagne to count down to the new year.  As always, we’ll be enjoying a wonderful champagne…our favorite…veuve clicquot (pictured below).


In any case…this is a time for change.  What a great way to start a new year.  Sad without friends, but happy to be spending it with the most wonderful woman in the world…and I’ll still get a big old smoocher at the stroke of midnight.

So welcome friends.  Welcome to change from a person who despises change.  Welcome to instability from someone who yearns for stability.  Welcome to good times, from a person who loves a good time.  You’ll read all sorts of things here…but until then…enjoy your NYE and be safe.

Happy New Year to all…


…to new beginnings and clean slates…


~ by eastcoastboy on December 31, 2006.

One Response to “So it begins…”

  1. Well, I think that this East Coast boy is doing just fine, learning about a new part of the country and flying his wings. It’s nice to have that special girl, too. But new beginnings and clean slates are pretty awesome and because of them, people grow. Here’s to that!

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